Stair Renovations

If you think about it, stair renos can be a pretty daunting task, however, it will have an overall positive impact on the flow and value of your home. We all think the removal of a wall here and a wall there is so easy, well, if done carefully and correctly, the renovations and moving of stairs can have just as much as an impact.

Make a closed space open again with a slight change in the way you see your stairs. You don't necessarily have to move your stairs, as the removal of the walls in your stairwell can help open up a space just the same.

No matter the scope of the job or the size of your property, Renos by Roch's attention to detail will make your "dream home" come together.

When you ask a large supplier, a big-box store or a "referral company" to do a job, they secure a contractor; and, they have to mark up the price for that contractor's work. Contact Renos By Roch to speak directly with Roch for personalized service.