Structural Wall Removal, Wall Moving and Structural Fitting

Are you wanting to expand your living space? May we suggest Renos by Roch for your next interior living space project. With the simple removal or displacement of a wall, your home can add much needed square footage and add an increased value to your home.

We want to keep the integrity and charm of your home through such times. Renos by Roch will make the suggestions that best suit you and your home after only reviewing the project extensively.

No matter the scope of the job or the size of your property, Renos by Roch's attention to detail will make your "dream home" come together.

When you ask a large supplier, a big-box store or a "referral company" to do a job, they secure a contractor; and, they have to mark up the price for that contractor's work. Contact Renos By Roch to speak directly with Roch for personalized service.